Jean-Eudes Dazard, Ph.D. Selected Publications

Research Articles in Preparation:

  1. CHOE M., RAO J.S, DAZARD J-E. Survival Bump Hunting for Identification and Characterization of Informative Prognostic Subgroups. (In prep 2015).
  2. DAZARD J-E, ISHWARAN H., MEHLOTRA R.K., MARTINSON J.J., PENUGONDA S., HUSSAIN S., BREAM J., DUGGAL P., JUREVIC R.J., CHANCE M., WEINBERG A., ZIMMERMAN P.A. Ensemble Survival Tree Models Reveal Genetic Interactions and their Association with Clinical Time-to-Events. (In prep 2015).
Research Articles Submitted, Under Review, or in Revision:

  1. DAZARD J-E., CHOE M., LEBLANC M., RAO J.S. Cross-validation and Peeling Strategies for Survival Bump Hunting using Recursive Peeling Methods. (Submitted 2015).
  2. DIAZ-PACHON D.A., RAO J.S., DAZARD J-E. On the Explanatory Power of Principal Components. (Submitted 2014).
  3. DIAZ-PACHON D.A., DAZARD J-E., RAO J.S. Unsupervised Bump Hunting Using Principal Components. (Submitted 2014).

Published Research Articles:

  1. DAZARD J-E, CHOE M., LEBLANC M., RAO J.S. Cross-Validation of Survival Bump Hunting by Recursive Peeling Methods. In JSM Proceedings, Survival Methods for Risk Estimation/Prediction Section. Boston, MA: American Statistical Association (2014) p. 3366-3380.
  2. DAZARD J-E, SANDLERS Y., DOERNER S, BERGER N.A., BRUNENGRABER H. Metabolomics in APCMin/+ Mice Genetically Susceptible to Colon Cancer. BMC System Biology (2014) 8:72-93. PMCID: PMC4099115.
  3. DIAZ-PACHON D.A., RAO J.S., DAZARD J-E. Optimization of the Patient Rule Induction Method under Normality. Complex Data Modeling and Computationally Intensive Statistical Methods for Estimation and Prediction (S.Co. 2013). Milan, Italy.
  4. SAHA S., DAZARD J-E, XU H., EWING R.M. Computational Framework for Analysis of Prey-Prey Associations in Interaction Proteomics Identifies Novel Human Protein-Protein Interactions and Networks. J. Proteome Research (2012) 11(9):4476-87. PMCID: PMC3610425.
  5. DAZARD J-E, SAHA S., EWING R.M. ROCS: A Reproducibility Index and Confidence Score for Interaction Proteomics Studies. BMC Bioinformatics (2012) 13(1) 128. PMCID: PMC3568013.
  6. DAZARD J-E, RAO J.S. MARKOWITZ S. Local Sparse Bump Hunting Reveals Molecular Heterogeneity Of Colon Tumors. Statistics in Medicine (2012) 31(11-12), 1203-1220. PMCID: PMC3668571.
  7. DAZARD J-E, RAO J.S. Joint Adaptive Mean-Variance Regularization and Variance Stabilization of High Dimensional Data. Comput. Statist. Data Anal. (2012) 56(7): 2317-2333. PMCID: PMC3375876.
  8. SCHLATZER D.M.*, DAZARD J-E* (*equal contribution), EWING R.M., ILCHENKO S., TOMECHEKO S.E., EID S., HO V., YANIK G., CHANCE M.R., COOKE K.R. Human Biomarker Discovery and Predictive Models for Disease Progression in Idiopathic Pneumonia Syndrome Following Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation. Mol. Cell. Proteomics (2012) 11(6):M111.015479. PMCID: PMC3433920.
  9. DAZARD J-E, XU H., RAO J.S. R package MVR for Joint Adaptive Mean-Variance Regularization and Variance Stabilization. In JSM Proceedings, Section for Statistical Programmers and Analysts. Miami Beach, FL, USA. ASA-IMS (2011) p. 3849-3863.
  10. DAZARD J-E, ZHANG K., SHA J., YASIN O., CAI L., NGUYEN C., GHOSH M, BONGORNO J., HARTER ML. The Dynamics of E1A in Regulating Networks and Canonical Pathways in Quiescent Cells. BMC Res. Notes (2011) 4:160. PMCID: PMC3125344
  11. DAZARD J-E, RAO J.S. Regularized Variance Estimation and Variance Stabilization of High-Dimensional Data. In JSM Proceedings, Section for High-Dimensional Data Analysis and Variable Selection. Vancouver, BC. Canada. American Statistical Association-IMS (2010) p. 5295-5309.
  12. DAZARD J-E, RAO J.S. Local Sparse Bump Hunting. J. Comp Graph. Statistics (2010) 19(4): 900-929. PMCID: PMC3293195
  13. CARTIER K., MISCIMARRA L., DAZARD J-E, SONG Y, IYENGAR S., RAO J. S. Studying Genetic Determinants of Natural Variation In Human Gene Expression Using Bayesian ANOVA. BMC Genetics (2007) 1:S115.PMCID: PMC2367590