$4 million awarded to Forward Thinking Interdisciplinary Alliance Investment Grant proposals

Jan. 28, 2010

The university has announced recipients of its Forward Thinking Interdisciplinary Alliance Investment Grants. Twenty-four proposals were received, and $4 million was awarded to fund interdisciplinary research.

The grants, designed to stimulate the work of the university's 11 alliances, were awarded after review by deans and alliance working groups. A faculty committee conducted a final evaluation.

Following are descriptions of some of the accepted programs and their awards.

  • Creation of the Institute for Advanced Materials at Case Western Reserve University, $700,000; project lead, Stuart Rowan
  • Institute for Personalized Medicine and Public Health, $700,000; project lead, Pam Davis
  • Building the Energy Alliance, $500,000; project lead, Iwan Alexander
  • Building a Distinctive Brand for Case Western Reserve University in Social Justice, $400,000; project lead Rhonda Williams
  • Center for Excellence in Immunobiology, $400,000; project leads, Mark Chance and Aaron Weinberg
  • Popular Music Studies Institute, $400,000; project lead, Mary Davis
  • Creating a Center for Human Origins, $300,000; project lead, Glenn Starkman
  • Case Alliance for Global Health, $200,000; project lead, Jim Kazura
  • Case Western Reserve University Center for Stem Cell Ethics, $200,000; project lead, Stuart Youngner
  • Launch of the iDEA (Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurial Activities) Institute, $35,000; project lead Gary Wnek
  • IP Management and Commercialization, $40,000; project lead, Craig Nard
  • Center for Art Museum Studies, $35,000; Anne Helmreich and Catherine Scallen